We call our patch management and remote monitoring package GT Proactive Care.

Patch management means that we proactively take care of all the patches for your network. When Microsoft, Adobe or other software vendors release a patch, it’s generally because of an internal effort to fix something in their software or it could be that they have released an update to the software.  It’s not a good idea to leave it up to your employees to install these patches because sometimes there is an issue with the patch itself and it has to be rolled back.  Our patch management program scans your systems to find out which patches are needed at any given time.  Hackers or malicious individuals are on the lookout for systems that are not up to date and use these holes in the software to exploit your computer and eventually your network. We know that you don’t have time to be worrying about which patches are important or have to do with security.  So we take that worry away from you.

Our remote monitoring tool allows us to know what’s happening on your network at all times.  It sends us a message if something is wrong so that we can fix it right away.  If something is happening with your server, we take a look and fix it before you even notice there is an issue.

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