Tiffany D. Frigenti

One Of The Best Decisions We Have Made For Our Law Firm

What we love most about Glasser Tech is that they cater exclusively to law firms and understand the urgency and need for timely response when it comes to technological issues. Their response time, thoroughness, attentiveness and follow up makes us feel we made the right decision in switching. If you are considering switching IT firms, you won’t be sorry. Switching to Glasser tech and having them on board is one of the best decisions we have ever made for our law firm.

An IT company that’s reliable. I Highly Recommend.

It has been great to have an IT company that’s reliable. Glasser Tech’s staff is very proficient. As a matter of fact, they are more technically proficient than the other IT companies I have used. I appreciate that their larger staff makes them very responsive so there is always someone available to assess our situation and fix our issues immediately. If you are looking for a professional IT support team who understands Law Firms, I highly recommend Glasser Tech.

Robert J. Kurre, Esq.

Mark E. Seitelman, Esq.

I intend to stay with them as long as I am doing business

When it comes to setting-up our firm's computers and servers, my Law Firm relies only on Michael Glasser and his team. Glasser Tech has been wonderful. I cannot sing their praises enough. The computer world is full of unreliable geeks, phonies, and dishonest people. Glasser Tech is a professional organization. I have been with Michael since 1997, and I intend to stay with them as long as I am doing business.

They Take A Personal Interest In How Our Firm's Operation Is Working And How We Can Be More Secure and Efficient

Glasser Tech has been our IT firm for many years and they are always responsive to our needs. They are extremely capable in their knowledge and expertise of IT for law firms.

Glasser Tech goes above and beyond, they take a personal interest in how our firm’s operation is working and how we can make it more secure and more efficient.  I know Glasser Tech considers our relationship to be more than just a business one and I feel that they that truly care about the success of our law firm. The care and consideration they have for their clients sets Glasser Tech apart from all others in the IT industry.

Thank you, Glasser Tech, for the confidence you have given us in our technology and for the help you have been in our growth as a firm.  I appreciate all that Glasser Tech has done for us and I would certainly recommend them to other law firms.

William J. Monaco, Esq.

Cara McNamara

I’m so glad I pro-actively switched to Glasser Tech’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution!

There was a power failure in our building, when the power came back on it unfortunately destroyed our server’s hard drive. Luckily, some months before I finally implemented the disaster recovery backup solution that Michael had been trying to convince me to purchase.  Because of this new disaster recovery backup solution, we now had a mirror image of our server and all data readily available… Of course, I looked like a superstar to the partners, so that made my day and gave them even more confidence in Glasser Tech.  Anyone who does not use a backup solution like this will likely regret it at some point, because eventually things go wrong.  I am so glad I pro-actively listened to Michael and implemented his recommendation for the disaster recovery backup service.

Peace of mind

When I am asked about Glasser Tech I think “peace of mind”. Glasser Tech provides optimally performing computers, fast access to your firm’s business information and cutting-edge technological support, which is essential for an efficient, productive law firm. In over 30 years managing service businesses, I have not worked with a more responsive and professional team. I have complete confidence in Glasser Tech and will continue to work with them.

Angela Danielson

Steven Taitz, Esq.

Glasser Tech Is The Best IT Company For Law Firms

Glasser Tech is the best IT company for law firms. Not only does Glasser Tech provide us with terrific service and expert advice for our firm’s IT needs, but they are available 24/7 whenever we have an issue. They understand our need for immediate service so we do not have downtime. Our e-mail server just crashed after hours and Michael and his team were able to diagnose the problem and get us back up and running so we would not miss a beat and be ready for the next day. Choose Glasser Tech!”

Glasser Tech always has my back

When a tech problem arises, as they often do in a law firm, Glasser Tech always has our back and immediately works on resolving our issues.  It gives me peace of mind to know that all I have to do is call and Glasser Tech always has someone to resolve my issue promptly, calmly and professionally. Recently our server went down suddenly and Glasser Tech immediately sent a tech and they were able to get us back up and running within an hour! I call that excellent service. We are very happy with Glasser Tech and I would recommend them.

Riva Schwartz

Lawrence Eric Davidow, Esq.

Glasser Tech Is The Go-To IT Firm For The Legal Industry

Glasser Tech has provided an innumerable amount of benefits to my firm throughout the years.  Their knowledge of the specific types of software we use, such as Time Matters and PC Law, has been an invaluable resource for our law firm.  When I have a specific legal software issue, I know I can pick up the phone and my issue will be addressed immediately by a tech who understands my needs and urgency. It is a service that my entire firm and I value beyond words.

Glasser Tech installs, maintains and upgrades our systems flawlessly and without hassle providing us with peace of mind and complete satisfaction.  Glasser Tech is the “go-to” IT firm for the legal industry. It is my intent to continue our affiliation for many years to come.

I Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Our Law Firm is Protected

Michael Glasser and his team are second to none. Glasser Tech is immediately responsive to all problems, big and small, and they have the experience, the patience, the depth and the overall expertise needed to guide law firms in this new and complex IT world. One of the greatest benefits that Glasser Tech provides to our firm is keeping every aspect of our IT up to date with the latest technology and cost-effective upgrades.  I sleep much better at night and have peace of mind knowing that our law firm is protected by the most secure advanced technology. I highly recommend Glasser Tech.

Jessica Goldsmith, Esq.

David Gresen, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFE

We Are More Productive and have NO Technology Downtime.

Thank goodness we switched to Glasser Tech just in time for the COVID stay at home mandate. Before switching to Glasser Tech, we had constant problems with downtime as our other tech company was not familiar with the legal industry and the specific software we use. After choosing Glasser Tech, our entire system has been up and running from the start. They seamlessly transitioned us from our prior computer company. I have complete peace of mind because I know Michael and his team have the full technical knowledge and responsiveness required to keep my firm’s productivity maximized. If you are in the legal field, stop thinking about it and go with Glasser Tech. I highly recommend them and I am happy to speak with you and share how Glasser Tech has made a difference in my firm. Many thanks to Michael and his team.

We Have Saved So Much Time and Money

The personal service Glasser Tech provides is unparalleled. Every time I call or email, I get a response immediately! The level of service they provide makes us feel like we have our own expert “in-house IT team” because they are always available to stop by for an emergency or answer any technology question at all hours of the day. Everyone at Glasser Tech is knowledgeable, personable and professional. Their responsiveness to our issues and expert knowledge has saved us so much time and money. Michael and his team are experts in technology and we have been 100% satisfied with their services. You will truly not find a better IT company for law firms.

Eileen Lorio, Firm Administrator

Rob Whalen

Improved and Enhanced All Aspects Of Our Daily Technology Work

Glasser Tech is a pleasure to work with. They installed our new office computer system, equipment and server. The Glasser Tech team is extremely knowledgeable and very attentive.  They customized a new modern system to meet our needs, which has improved and enhanced all aspects of our daily technology work. Our service requests are efficiently expedited, regardless of the complexity.  Furthermore, Glasser Tech’s ability to remotely access our system, when requested, to troubleshoot and fix any technical errors has proven to be extremely helpful.  I am completely satisfied and would gladly recommend Glasser Tech’s services to any company.

Michael Glasser And His Team Are Truly Interested In The Success Of Our Firm

The greatest benefit Glasser Tech has provided for our firm is the confidence that we can call for help and an expert tech will be there to immediately assist.  When I call, I have never felt inferior when I need help. I get off of the phone feeling smarter and more ambitious than when the call started. Michael Glasser and his team are truly interested in the success of our firm and they are there as a guide and support for me and our firm to grow. If someone was on the fence about going with Glasser Tech, I would say call Michael Glasser today. Glasser Tech will give your firm the best practical and personal support.

Cori Malaby, Esq.


Julie Rispoli, Office Manager

If you are on the fence, go with Glasser!

We have been a Glasser Tech customer for a long time.  Whenever I call for service, I feel like they treat me like a human and not someone just calling to complain that something isn’t working.  Their staff is friendly and always comes through with a speedy solution to resolving our issues.  I have referred Glasser Tech many times.  If you are on the fence about switch, go with Glasser!

We Love That They Are Always Available and Cost-Effective

I would absolutely recommend Glasser Tech to any Law Firm thinking about switching IT companies.  Glasser Tech is always dependable, reliable and willing to travel to service the needs of their customers.  Their staff is very knowledgeable, diligent and a pleasure to deal with. When we call for service, they work to find a solution to our issue immediately.  We love that they are always available and also cost-effective.

Doreen Pesce