Frontline Managed Services’s Data Backup & Recovery Solution provides unmatched data management and protection for the next-generation hybrid data center.

This solution provides on-premises local backups and off-premises backups to the cloud.

Frontline Managed Services’s Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is worry-free and saves you time and money.  It backs up your data every hour.  If you lose a document, we can restore it right away.  More importantly though, is if a disaster happens like a flood, fire or even a power outage, that causes your server to be destroyed, we can download your data from the cloud on new hardware within hours, instead of days, which saves you money because there is less downtime for your business or time spent re-entering missing data.

Read below why this client is happy to have our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution:

I’m so glad I pro-actively switched to Frontline Managed Services’s backup and disaster recovery solution!

There was a power failure in our building, when the power came back on it unfortunately destroyed our server’s hard drive. Luckily, some months before I finally implemented the disaster recovery backup solution that Michael had been trying to convince me to purchase.  Because of this new disaster recovery backup solution, we now had a mirror image of our server and all data readily available.  That same day the backup image was restored to a new hard drive and we were up and running again.  Most important for us is that everything was exactly as it was before the power failure.  I can’t even imagine how different this would have gone if we had not had this particular backup solution.  I am sure it would have taken several days to get the office up and running and we would likely have lost a significant amount of information.  Additionally, since we were backup up and running so quickly our staff had minimal downtime (saving us thousands of dollars).  Of course, I looked like a superstar to the partners, so that made my day and gave them even more confidence in Frontline Managed Services.  Anyone who does not use a backup solution like this will likely regret it at some point, because eventually things go wrong.  I am so glad I pro-actively listened to Michael and implemented his recommendation for the disaster recovery backup service.

Cara McNamara Legal Administrator
Harras, Bloom & Archer