Cloud computing is simply the act of storing, managing and processing data in an online location.  This means that all of your data is stored somewhere else other than your own computer or a local network.  This makes it easier for employees that work from remote locations or office that have multiple locations as each office can easily login and work.

The benefits of cloud computing from Frontline Managed Services are:

  • It’s scalable - You pay for what you need based on how many users and data you have.  As your office grows, so can your space in the cloud.  Since cloud servers are virtual they are flexible and can be spun up easily with space added to them as needed.
  • It’s Secure - Cloud security involves maintaining preventative protection for data, applications and infrastructure.  We have put a set of policies, technologies and controls in place to protect your data, including encryption, to assure safety.
  • Anywhere access - Your employees can be mobile.  All they need is an internet connection.  The cloud is accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduced costs - You know how much it costs to have a server and all the other hardware that accompanies it so instead of worrying about large investments with hardware, you can keep that capital flowing by switching to low fixed fee monthly payments.