Frontline Managed Services feels it's important to give back. Two charities that mean so much to the Glasser family are The National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Kind Campaign. So much so, that Michael's daughters, Courtney and Lindsey Glasser, through their clothing company, Grey Bandit, work hard to promote a lifestyle of wellness and positive energy. These ladies have made it an important part of what they do to build awareness of mental illness and the stigma that is often attached to it as well as build the confidence of women overall. They regularly donate proceeds to these worthy causes because they understand through personal experience how important it is to feel that someone is listening and cares, when you feel like you are struggling. We agree. Going forward, we have decided to make contributions to these charities a part of our referral program. When you refer a colleague, friend or client to Frontline Managed Services for their technology needs, we will donate a total of $250 dollars, $125 dollars to each of these charities, in your name. Together, we can make a difference for those suffering with anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide.

To find out more about Courtney and Lindsey Glasser's clothing company, Grey Bandit, we invite you to visit their website at

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